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Original Idea

This game is inspired by the duality between Tesla and Edison expressed in the “Three Ghosts of Tesla”, a comic book from Guilhem BEC et Richard MARAZANO. It's an interactive online experience on Twitch. We are witnessing a race of articulated robots climbing the empire state building. The viewers have to move the machines upward leg by leg. (Ex: "+tesla beta") They will have to show coordination not to damage the robots by spreading their limbs too far apart. We can leave the stream 24/7 and see the altitude record at the end of the day.

Game principles

The articulated robots climb the Empire State Building in order to prove the glory of their creator. The two teams will have to help their robots to move upward, leg by leg.

Players can briefly control a mechanical arm using a text command. The action will result of the arm of the selected robot to move upward.

Little by little, the successive movements of the mecanical arms will make it possible to climb the building, but the players will have to show coordination: the different arms should not be too separated at the risk of bringing the robot down.

This game was made during the Art&Game Workshop, a workshop bringing together ENJMIN students and EESI (from Poitier and Angoulême) ones together in order to make a game in one week.

Where can you play?

Well, right here: https://www.twitch.tv/empirestateracing  (Not up anymore but the source code is here: https://github.com/SamuelBUSSON/EmpireStateRacing)

The team

Mathieu BELKHENCHIR - Programmer
Samuel BUSSON - Technical Artist and Programmer
Clara FELIX HEUSER - 2D Artist 
Jérémy FONGUE - Game Design and Management
Guilhem PECH - Programmer
Terry PEREZ-GERVAIS - Sound Designer
Téo SALVI - 3D Artist

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