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Ultimate Survivor Live! is a multiplayer gamemode for Garry's Mod that mixes the gameplay of the old fast-paced FPS and the modern concept of the Battle Royale gametype.


You play as a contender in a retro-futuristic tv show inspired by the pop culture of the 80's where you have to fight for fame by being the ultimate survivor.

The gamemode is full of pop culture references, has a ton of overpowered weapons and uses many iconic movie characters as appearances for the players.

The gameplay

The gameplay is very dynamic by allowing the players to move fast with their free-running abilities and using many powerful weapons that can't be used for aiming like in the old FPS.

At the beginning of each game, ressources spawns randomly on the map and each player is spawning around the map and must hurry to collect stuff. After a few minutes, the map size starts to decrease and some buildings are removed from the map to force players to kill the others faster.

If there are only two players left, they are teleported in the duelling arena with a random weapon to decide who's gonna be the ultimate survivor.

If a player is killed, he's teleported to the lobby room that has the form of a TV Studio where he can wait for the next game.

They can also continue to take part in the current game by voting for their favourite player to help him winning the game or by voting for a cataclysm that will occur on the map to reduce the number of players alive.


  • Steinman : Game Designer, Level Designer, Weapon Designer
  • DarylWinters: Developer
  • CptSprite : 2D Artist, UI
  • Kotus: Developer
  • Stim: Developer 

Current project status

This project is in a fully playable state as a prototype. But we decided to put it on-hold indefinitely in order to focus on our other game projects

Gameplay video:

Here a gameplay video of our prototype played Squeezie and some other  french Youtubers


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AuthorsDarylWinters, Steinman


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Very good mod !!